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Azure Window, a scenic rock arch, Gozo Attractions, Malta attractions

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The Azure Window Location - Near Dwejra Point and Dwejra bay


  • The Azure Window is located near Dwejra Point and Dwejra bay, Gozo
  • Take the San Lawrenz road out of Victoria.  Pass through San Lawrenz and continue to the coast.
  • The road ends in a large car park.
  • Facing the sea from the car park Azure Window is towards the right. Walk over the rough rocks for a closer view.
  • There are several attractions that can be visited from this Car park, all within a few minutes walk.
Azure Window MapAzure Window Map


The Azure Window Description

The The Azure Window is a 50 metre high rock arch in the Dwejra Point cliffs.   The sea has worn a hole through a narrow headland forming "the window" called it-Tieqa in Maltese


This area is spectacular at any time, but rough seas make it even more spectacular.  In rough weather keep well above the high water line.







The Azure Window is disintegrating

The arch is in a dangerous condition because large pieces of rock keep falling from the arch of the Azure window it is estimated that the arch will disappear in a few years. A very large piece came down from where the shadow is on the right side on the above pre collape photos.


The gap is now wider and even more dangerous.

Warning notices are placed to stop people walking over the top of the arch.


Now is the time to take your photographs of this landmark rock formation before the Azure Window is renamed the azure pinnacle.


The Future

When the top of the arch collapes the Azure Window will have to be renamed;

  • The Azure Pinnacle or
  • The Azure Stack


Dwejra Point and Dwejra Bay Attractions

Because the rocks are very uneven and have sharp edges we recommend strong shoes or boots if you wish to walk on the rocks


Attractions on or near Route to Dwejra Point and Dwejra Bay

  • San Lawrenz  Bus 2 & 91
  • Gharb Bus 2 & 91
  • Ta'Pinu  Bus 61& 91

Local Transport - Buses

Buses to Dwejra

  • Winter No buses to Dwejra. The nearest bus stop is in the village of San Lawrenz roughly 2 km away  Buses 2 & 91 from Victoria (Rabat)
  • Spring and Autumn. 2 buses on Route 91.   Additional buses from San Lawrenz
  • Summer. 6 buses on Route 91.   Additional buses from San Lawrenz